Тест для выбора потока

Прослушайте аудио и ответьте на вопросы.

Question №2:
What is Chris worried about?
Buying a house
Losing his friends
Purchasing house goods
Question №3:
What does Chris say about Lindsay’s fiancé?
He is similar to him
He is different from him
He is unique
Question №4:
Lindsay wants to go ____ for her honeymoon.
somewhere romantic
somewhere cheap
to a place with good beaches
Question №5:
Chris might go to ____ for his honeymoon.

Просмотрите видео и ответьте на вопросы.

Question №7:
Where is Kira from?
Question №8:
What is short for Mizuri?

Question №10:
Sian wants to buy her own decks.
There is no answer in this video
Question №11:
Choose the best phrase that best describes Sian’s challenge.
Difficult but surprisingly enjoyable
Pure hard work and no fun at all!
Question №12:
How will Sian feel if she fails (according to her words)?
There is no answer to this question in this video

Выберите правильный с Вашей точки зрения вариант ответа.
Question №14:
My boyfriend .... to the pub every night.
Question №15:
How ___ does one lesson cost?
Question №16:
Neil can't .... tennis. He's broken his arm.
to play
Question №17:
___ some more tea?
Would you like
Do you like
Question №18:
I ___ the film we saw at the cinema on Wednesday.
Question №19:
My mother ___ never been to a cricket match.
Question №20:
Joanna ___ her new mobile phone.
is losing
has lost
Question №21:
___ ever seen a comet?
Did you
Have you
Do you
Question №22:
They ___ pass their exam if they studied hard.
Question №23:
I wish I ___ play a musical instrument.
Question №24:
Where ___ now?
she is studying
is she studying
studies she
she studying
Question №25:
That isn’t your umbrella. It’s ___.
Question №26:
No, I don’t want ___ carrots.
Question №27:
You ___ work hard to pass the examination.
have to
Question №28:
I ___ to Spain.
never been
never was
have never been
wasn’t ever
Question №29:
The woman ___ came yesterday is very rich.
Question №30:
Mary ___ since she left school.
was working
has been working
will work
Question №31:
The school ___ last year.
was built
has built
is built
Question №32:
Would you mind ___ me a pencil, please?
to give
having given
Question №33:
His car is rather dirty. He ___ it before he took us for a ride.
had washed
has washed
should have washed
would wash
Question №34:
If you ___ there again, what would you do?
will go
will have gone
Question №35:
«Can I phone you at 7.00?» «No, it’s too early. I ___ .»
would sleep then
will have slept then
will sleep then
will be sleeping then

Прочитайте тексты. Выполните задание.

The people all want to attend a course. Read the descriptions of eight courses. Decide which course would be the most suitable for the each person. For Questions 1-5, select the best course.

A - Form and Colour
This is year-long course is perfect for people who want to learn about how to use a camera and who want to take it up as a profession. Students will learn how to use light and shade, colour and different shapes. The course will also teach students to change their work using computer technology. Tips will be given on how best to get started in the profession.

B - Practice makes Perfect
Learn about how to use computer software to make your work life easier. This course is designed for people who use computers regularly as part of their career, but who feel they are unable to make the most of the technology. Learn about new software for storing documents and photographs and keeping records. This evening class runs for ten weeks from September to December.

C - Armchair Explorer
This is a series of daytime lectures by people who have lived and worked in wild places. Each of the six talks will focus on a different continent. Lecturers will show photographs of the animals and plants, and explain why they are only found in one area. Lecturers will include Leo Holland, a scientist from the Antarctic project, and Milly Oliphant, who researches birds in the Amazon rainforest. Tea and Biscuits provided.

D - Art Starter
Are you interested in a career in art? If so, this full-time, eight-week course will be perfect for you. Learn about different methods used by artists, including painting, drawing, photography and computer design. Artists will create work for an exhibition which will be displayed in the Town Hall for one month in September. Top businessmen and women from the design industry will be invited to attend the exhibition, so this could be a great start to your career!

E - Wild Design
Whether you want a career in art, or you just want to enjoy your hobby, this holiday course is for you. Wild Design is a two-week summer course situated on the wild coast of South Wales. We teach all kinds of art, including photography and painting, and the wild sea, beautiful flowers and great wildlife will definitely give you lots of creative ideas. Even if you already have a good understanding of art, you are sure to learn something new from our team of professional tutors.

F - Explore your Imagination
Do you want to show your friends a photograph of you beside the Egyptian pyramids or in the jungles of Borneo? Well now you can tell your friends that you have travelled the world without actually leaving the country! Join this evening class and learn how to use the latest technology and software to change photographs to a professional standard. You will also learn how to make your own computer designs using the computer programmes used by professionals.

G - Technology for You
Do you feel as if everyone is using a computer except you? Join in this five-day course and learn the basics. You’ll learn how to store your personal files, send emails and use simple programmes to write and print letters. In the afternoons you will have the choice of either learning how to make Birthday Cards and other designs on a computer, or you can join our ‘Basic computers for Work’ class.

H - Wildlife Photographer
Travel to a different wild place every week and learn how to take photographs of animals, plants and scenery. Our expert teachers will advise you how to take the best pictures. This course will run for six weeks on Saturdays. Students should already have a good understanding of photography and their own equipment. The class is suitable for everyone, as there is very little walking involved.
Question №38:

Harriet is 71, and is interested in painting and drawing. She would like to go somewhere in the summer where she can learn new tips and paint attractive scenery.
A - Form and Colour
B - Practice makes Perfect
C - Armchair Explorer
D - Art Starter
E - Wild Design
F - Explore your Imagination
G - Technology for You
Question №39:

Belinda works for a large Art Company and she feels she needs to improve her computer skills. She already has a basic understanding of some common computer programmes, but she wants to learn how to organise her work and store information.
A - Form and Colour
B - Practice makes Perfect
C - Armchair Explorer
D - Art Starter
E - Wild Design
F - Explore your Imagination
G - Technology for You
Question №40:

Jenny is interested in a career in design, and wants to learn how to create art and change photographs using special computer programmes. She wants a course that will fit into her normal school day.
A - Form and Colour
B - Practice makes Perfect
C - Armchair Explorer
D - Art Starter
E - Wild Design
F - Explore your Imagination
G - Technology for You
Question №41:

George is unable to travel because he has difficulty walking, but he wants to learn more about the wildlife and scenery in different parts of the world.
A - Form and Colour
B - Practice makes Perfect
C - Armchair Explorer
D - Art Starter
E - Wild Design
F - Explore your Imagination
G - Technology for You
Question №42:

Chris wants a change in career, so he’s looking for a full-time course in which he can learn everything there is to know about photography and how to use computers to change and sell his work.
A - Form and Colour
B - Practice makes Perfect
C - Armchair Explorer
D - Art Starter
E - Wild Design
F - Explore your Imagination
G - Technology for You